Donovan Solms
Full Stack and Distributed
Software Engineer

Project Limitless is a platform for naturally controlling all the technology around you.

Similar to Tony Stark's J.A.R.V.I.S in the Iron Man movies, Project Limitless is able to control anything it can connect to. It is a platform that takes care of all the areas which you might not have time to deal with (speech recognition, natural language processing, etc) and allows you to focus on what you want it to do.


  • Distributed computing
  • Networking
  • Virtual networks
  • Routers
  • Operating Systems hardening
  • Setting up virtual machines
  • Speech recognition
  • Data visualisation

In 2007 I started a lot of open-source work on multitouch software. See the the section Multitouch South Africa for more information. The publications below relate to the work between 2007 and 2010, specifically CsTI (C# Touchlib Interface), enabling .NET and the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) to use multitouch.

I also presented my work on multitouch to the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in South Africa as well as the IEEE Student Branch at the University of Pretoria

Contributed 2 chapters to the book, 'Using .NET to build multitouch-capable applications' and 'How to construct and work with multitouch floors'

The book received over 126 000 downloads since released in June 2009 until October 2014


This research aims at supporting co-located collaborative software analysis using software visualization techniques and multitouch tables


GeoTouch is a multi-touch display and information portal developed by the Earth Observatory of Singapore. It was originally designed for the GIS scientists working in EOS so that they can display their data in a showcase location and share it

My work was used in .NET / C# Section - Page 4


Core systems, new system architectures and implementations, messaging platform, automation, data processing and reporting

High volume data processing (billions)

Mobile Network Billing Data processor

Interactive Mobile Network Billing Platform

Messaging API

Core data processing systems


Development, security, databases, payments, dashboards, virtual networks, virtual machine setup and deployments, 3rd party integration, hiring and reporting to investors

See Startup History for more information


Development, security, databases, payments, dashboards, virtual machine setup and deployments, 3rd party integration and reporting to investors

See Startup History for more information


General programming, updating of current website and new projects

Official Banff National Park events calendar


Core systems, leading R&D projects, new product development, technical client meetings, ad-hoc integrations, daily news system, mobile network integration and general utilities

Core Messaging Platform (Airport)

R&D Multitouch Table

LiveMobile Mobile Football service

Daily (customisable) News Notifications

Smash Republic Social Portal


Developing of innovative and unique applications for use with touch and multitouch hardware

CsTI - C# Touchlib Interface

Touch.NET - .NET Multitouch Framework

Syre - Adobe AIR Multitouch Framework

Interactive bar software


R 1.5 million from multiple Angel investors in South Africa and Europe as well as Grovest Venture Capital and Seed Engine

6 is an online travel crowdfunding platform. The main idea behind it is "[to] Go places, make memories, inspire people and change the world along the way." -

After gaining half a million users, Trevolta added honeymoon funding as well as facilitated the funding required to move 6 Rhinos to a safer location.

R 100 000 from Seed Engine - the first startup accelerator in South Africa

2 was the first startup pitch to be accepted by Seed Engine Startup Accelerator. Cirqls leveraged the social networks you are connected to in order to build trust between buyers and sellers as well as provide recommendations for classifieds.

None - Self funded


Back in 2006, before multitouch was a maintream technology, Jeff Han (TED 2006) demonstrated a way to cheaply build multitouch screens. At the start of 2007 I build my own screen and started developing open-source software for it.

My touchscreen software was used to create an interactive floor at big local radio station, interactive bar using special glass markers at a DJ Tiesto show, final year university projects as well as a couple of PhD Theses.

The new messaging platform, Airport, which I designed at the end of 2009 was implemented. All previous systems were shut down. The new platform proved to be much more stable and provided the foundation for the company to grow with confidence.

Before being decommissioned in 2012, the system sent more than 100 million messages.

I received the award for my contribution to the growth of the company in 2010 and implementing a brand new messaging platform.

The award was given for my work on the mobile site. See the award for Best Mobile Display for the Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) region

The award was given to the mobile site (Internet Archive - original no longer available). It included realtime football feeds for every game in 7 different leagues worldwide. It was the first African mobile site to win an award at the Mobile Marketing Association's Global Awards.

For more advanced concepts in computer security, especially in the enterprise and working with data

For my new data processing architectures I decided I will require much stronger security. Therefore I joined a (beginner) cybersecurity course to strengthen my security skills

I required a better understanding of low-level networking and it's associated protocols to work on my new data processing architectures

I set up all practical sessions, created the project specification and graded all practical work. I was assisted by ten other teaching assistants. COS140 is a first year .NET course to teach students how to work with ASP.NET and C#

The BIS with specialisation in Multimedia degree combines Computer Science, Visual Design, Informatics and language

Completed high school with a distinction in English (second language).

Other subjects included Science HG, Computer Science HG, Electronics HG

* HG stands for Higher Grade