10 000 lines of open source code for Project Limitless sums up my personal efforts for 2016.

Project Limitless contains multiple projects written in C#, Go, PHP, HTML and JavaScript. With more than a thousand lines spent just on writing documentation and guides for these projects.

The rest of my personal work was aimed at proof-of-concepts, Project Limitless demo, learning Angular and React as well as Silicon Valley programming challenges – which I passed with great feedback.

In my professional work I had more web work than I would have liked – which resulted in a lot of PHP being written using Yii. Most of the systems-related work was again done in Go which has grown a lot since we first switched two years ago. I’m really looking forward to the 1.8 release next month. Python was used for working with serverless AWS Lambda functions.

You can find all the open source code on my GitHub.

I’ve combined all my code from 2016 into an infographic again. Below is an image, the full page can be found here.

My Year in Code 2016

My year in code 2016

It was a busy 2015, got into many new front-end technologies and I was really impressed with how much (and fast) things have changed since 2014.

Personally, the highlight for me, from a systems view, was digging deeper in Google’s Go language. Most of my professional time was spent in the language and it is now my go-to language, which in 2014 was Python.

On the web side of things, PHP was still my go-to language, using the Yii Framework. Yii still allows me to work really fast and get the proof-of-concepts and projects done on time. For my personal site, I updated it using Google’s Polymer to get a feel for web components. Web components, for me, is one of those technologies that I can’t believe took so long to be developed, it just makes perfect sense – at least to most object oriented programmers.

I’ve combined all my code from 2015 into an infographic, just a nice summary of where I spent my time. Below is an image, but the full page can be found here.

My year in code 2015

My year in code 2015