Facial Recognition Screenshot

Facial Recognition is one of those things that can be extremely cool, but also one of those things that can be really creepy (aside from the privacy issues).

For Project Limitless┬ámy aim to introduce facial recognition and tracking is to enable the system to ‘see’ you, where you are, what you are doing and so on. It’s not really aimed to be taken out into the world, although it can.

For Mark 0.6 I plan to have streaming audio and video from any device to the core system ready. This will lay the groundwork for having everything in your home centered around a single ‘brain’ that can listen and talk to you wherever you are. However, for this demo video, I am just doing it from an Android device to test the idea.

The Demo

In the past two weeks I learned Android development with the simple goals in mind:

  1. Have the app work in VR (Google Cardboard)
  2. But have the display show the camera (Augmented Reality)
  3. and on top show tracked faces
  4. when recognized, show the name under the face

Easy enough right? Well kinda… Since this was my first Android app, it was the deep end, but once you get used to it, it’s kinda cool. After the two weeks I have a mashup app for you to see! This demo works on photos, but it actually works on live people as well, provided enough training photos (3+) are supplied.

Notice the display is cloned on the right, this allows it to work in a VR headset.

Until next time!