2015: My year in code

It was a busy 2015, got into many new front-end technologies and I was really impressed with how much (and fast) things have changed since 2014.

Personally, the highlight for me, from a systems view, was digging deeper in Google’s Go language. Most of my professional time was spent in the language and it is now my go-to language, which in 2014 was Python.

On the web side of things, PHP was still my go-to language, using the Yii Framework. Yii still allows me to work really fast and get the proof-of-concepts and projects done on time. For my personal site, I updated it using Google’s Polymer to get a feel for web components. Web components, for me, is one of those technologies that I can’t believe took so long to be developed, it just makes perfect sense – at least to most object oriented programmers.

I’ve combined all my code from 2015 into an infographic, just a nice summary of where I spent my time. Below is an image, but the full page can be found here.

My year in code 2015

My year in code 2015